MY UNIVERSE "Infinite Spaces

MY UNIVERSE "Infinite Spaces" (2009)

To step beyond... (1:11) - Spoken words performed by D.J.Avad  
...The fear of the unknown (4:48) - Solos performed by Dmitry Fokin  
Secrets of the past (4:54)    
Happy years (3:50)    
Who shaped the reality? (7:35) - Solos performed by D.J.Avad  
Alone (1:53) - Spoken words perforned by A.Shvets  
The tribe (3:36) - Pianos & Solos performed by D.J.Avad  
Magnificently different (1:32) - Spoken words performed by D.J.Avad  
To see a thousand years (4:26)    
Star Masters (2:32)    
The rise and fall of Eyrie (3:51) - Spoken words performed by D.J.Avad  
The eternal silence of younder infinite spaces (11:35)    
Doomes to love (Bonus) (6:18)    
We can make the future (Bonus) (2:57)    
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Debut album of My Universe project entitled "Infinite Spaces" is out released by indie-label Infinite Music January 10, 2009. The album concept is partly based on Paul Anderson’s book "There will be time". The author and mastermind of the project is Alexander Shvetz known to public as bass player for Sergey Mavrin. Presently Alexander is working with NEФEЛIM, as well as on some solo-projects. He was also noted for playing with Mechanical Poet and Jin.

This album is an unprecedented and unrivaled mixture of styles ranging from progressive/heavy metal to beautiful airy keyboards and ambient arrangements taking the best of Jean-Michel Jarre and bands like Space and Zodiac. Speedy riffs and headblowing solos and just nice and catchy tunes will literally lift you up to infinite spaces.

Bearing in mind that the work is instrumental all musicians from the first minutes of the album make you feel their professionalism and will to make one of the most attractive instrumental albums ever. These guys have been noted for their great talented playing in bands like «Black Obelisk», «NEФEЛIM», «Ivan Tsarevich», «Mechanical Poet», «Melancholy», «Anj», «E.S.Т.»). But you will hear absolutely no “exercises in speed” which will definitely make you perceive the essence of such mind taking music and not just technical skills. And these are just some reasons why this album is great for everyone who likes good music so that he or she finds the song that’s best for him or her at the moment.




Dmitry Borisenkov (Black Obelisk) - track 12

Dmitry Fokin (NEФEЛIM) - track 2

Oleg Izotov (Anj, Trinity) - track 4

Lex Plotnikov (Mechanical Poet) - track 3


Vladimir Ermakov (Black Obelisk, Mechanical Poet) - tracks 3, 13

Sergey Gevshiy (E.S.T.) - tracks 2, 4, 5

Maxim Oleynik (Ivan Tsarevich) - tracks 9, 11, 12

Yury Kondrashov (Melancholy) - track 7


D.J.Avad (NEФEЛIM) - tracks 5, 7

Music, electric, acoustic, bass guitars, keyboards:

Alexander Shvetz (ex-Jin, ex-Sergey Mavrin)

Promo video - My Universe "Infinite Spaces"


Promo video - My Universe "Infinite Spaces"